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Home >  Toys and Hobbies >  RC Quadcopters
  • ADDIMAX® Newest 4ch Rc Quadcopter with Camera
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        Product specifications:

        1.Product size:15*15*5 cm

        2.Speed Swith (40%/70%/100%)

        3.Function:4 ch (gyro): Fly up / down, turn left / right, forward / backward , side-to-side flight, 360° flips,headless mode,0.3MP camera with 2G Micro SD

        4.Charge time: 40-45 (min)

        5.Fly time: 6-8 (min)

        6.Control range: 50 m

        7.Charger:USB charger

        8.Battery:3.7V/380mAh Li-poly

        9.Remote cell(Exclude): 4*AA/1.5V



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